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Shape Up Unleashed

$200 Monthly
$2200 Yearly

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Shape Up Unleashed

​Shape Up Unleashed is everything Foundation and On Track with the added bonus of 1 on 1 Coaching Calls and a weights program for your home or gym. You also gain access to another state of the art coaching app that allows your trainer to accurately follow your progress and easily make adjustments to your program as you complete each week.

We have tried to answer every barrier thrown at us in our face to face business as to why the potential client is unable to take part in PT. Our aim is to make the process as seamless as possible, our clients happy and of course motivated! We give you five workouts for the month and these take 8-12min to complete, we then try to get you to complete as many of these each week and repeat across the month. Not only will the repetition get you results, you'll see them on a weekly basis as your technique improves and you begin tackling the harder alternatives.All workouts have the trainer working out with you and a list of alternative exercises (easier or harder) with video tutorial and written description alongside of them so you're never truly alone.Completed your workout and you're on a high? Why not share it with the rest of the Shape Up Community? That's right, all users of the program have access to the Community Facebook page where you can talk, support and motivate each other, not to mention ask questions about the program and receive answers from our trainer!

  • Four Programs (HIIT, Pilates, Core & Whole Body) 

  • Scheduled Workouts

  • Monthly Program Releases

  • Workouts Structured to Your Ability

  • Recipes

  • Nutrition Education

  • Community Support

  • Trainer Support 

  • Fortnightly Individual Coaching Calls

  • Gym/ Weights Programming 

  • VIP Community Page


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