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Get Fit with Home Workouts

Anyone, Anywhere & Anytime. 

No Equipment needed and free Online Support & Motivation

For your convenience; fitness workouts online & in person so you always have the choice. 

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Increase your fitness and strength anywhere, anytime. 

Shape Up is designed for the busy Mum and Dad, the stressed University student or the individual knowing they need help but too intimidated to go to a gym for fear of being judged. 

Shape Up can be completed Anywhere, Anytime and by Anyone and unlike other online workout programs, we are here to educate you on all things health and fitness as we prioritise sustainable long term results over the demoralising "quick fix" results that are promoted by many in the fitness industry.  

Our Trainers are here to help! 

Affordable & Flexible 

Choose your fitness level and workout type, at an affordable price 

No Equipment Required 

Workout with minimal or no equipment

Your body, the way you want it

Self - Paced Program

We believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. 




On Track



We Motivate You,
Your Results Inspire Us!

Justin Beard 

Founder & Coach

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